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NWBSC Business Cards
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NWBSC Website
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Explore the healing side of Bimini with this authentic, do-it-yourself wellness guide! October 2015

It’s officially been two years since I left my little Bohemian, rosy-cheeked lifestyle in Miami Beach and joined my shark-feeding, scuba-diving boyfriend in Bimini. And even though we’re just 50 miles away from my old bodega ⎯ we truly are worlds apart. I mean, if Miami is the “city of bling,” then Bimini is its low-key, summer lake house community. With its brilliant blue waters, world class fishing tournaments and hopping island night life, Bimini continues to attract droves of summertime boaters and fishermen looking to escape the rat race and indulge in the laid-back, “rude-boy” culture of this little island oasis. And while its colorful history (from rum-running to drug-smuggling) is just that, history, the Bimini of today still feels like a whimsical throw-back to its old seventies self. In fact, it’s sometimes hard to see beyond this weather-beaten facade but after two years here, I’m happy to say I’ve encountered a softer side of Bimini ⎯ a spiritual side, dare I say ⎯ a healing side of Bimini.


Click here to read the complete "Explore the healing side of Bimini, with this authentic, do-it yourself wellness guide!"



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